May 23, 2007

European Terrorism

Its been a while, sorry.
I found something really interesting on Cyptome ( recently, it was something recently published about European Terrorism from Europol. It has some really interesting information in it. To think that France had 294 terrorist attacks and Spain 145 just in one year(2006) yet America is the one who is being hurt by terrorism. Also, out of 498 terrorist attacks only 1 of them was from an Islamic group. The most damaging of the kinds was actually separatist groups in Spain and France. But then there was almost an equal amount of islamic and separatist terrorists that were arrested over the year. It appears Islamic terrorists are not the real problem but they are the ones who are getting imprisoned the most. . .

May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell (1933-2007)

Jerry Falwell, the man who pushed blame on "the gays" and pagans for 9-11, was found dead earlier today. All I can say to this is, I guess he finally knows if he is right or not.

May 8, 2007

America is a Safe Haven for Terrorists!

Well in another amazing example of the hypocrisy of the current government. A man who is suspected as a terrorist is not being extradited to the country of his terrorist act so that he can be charged as a terrorist. In fact the case against him in the US, over immigration fraud, was just thrown out. Why you may ask? Because hes an anti-Castro terrorist and wanted only in Cuba and Venezuela. He also happens to be an ex-CIA operative, ironic. . .well I guess not, he was probably trained to do this kind of thing. The man is, Posada Carriles, and he has been accused of an airline bombing in Cuba that killed 73 people. Now this could be a time where America could shine, extradite him to Cuba to let him stand trial. Or, if you are afraid this will not be fair, find another court to do this, or better yet just tell Cuba that they can try him here because we want to make sure its fair. But nope, its not that we are against terrorism, we are against terrorism that is anti-America. Oh well, better luck next time Castro.

May 7, 2007

National ID Cards

For those out there that are against blanket required national identification cards today is the time to step up. Now personally, just a national ID doesn't completely scare me, what does scare me is the eventual implementation of RFID chips into these. It also creates another barrier for people trying to get into the nation. So I am against it, just not very strongly. But for anyone who feels wronged by this, follow the link at the end to a helpful little site. If you don't have strong feelings go to the site anyways, they have background information and its a good jumping off place to find more information.

Music for the Revolution ASMZ

A Silver Mount Zion, or Thee Silver Mount Zion Orchestra, or Thee Silver Mount Zion Orchestra and Tra-la-la Band is some amazing muzak. They have made what can only be thought of as communal powerfully emotional orchestral rock with some choir on top, I am sure someone can shorten that down to an easy catch word later, maybe Second Wave Post-Rock? or Vocal Post-Rock? The music is incredibly compelling every song feels as its been ripped from someones soul. They even take the communal idea espoused by so many people and apply it to their music, having everyone in the band singing the chorus, really impressive when there are seven people in a band. They don't like to think of themselves as some political band spreading a message, reminiscent of Dylan?, but its hard not to flock to them. I ask for anyone out there to give them a chance, to discover something new today. Even if you hate them, just look at something new.

Socialists Lose in France, Riots Break Out--Nothing new to report

The Socialist candidate in France sadly lost. And. . .somewhat predictably. . .riots broke out as the youth took to the street to show their support, albeit, a little a late. You know, as an American, I always wonder what is the difference between the US and France. It seems like the French youth are ready to take to the streets for anything but here the US is stuck in a bloody war and us youth just march in parades it seems. I know its hard for me to say anything, seeing as I am one of these American youths, but it just seems that American protest are so ineffective. The American political system and government has become so entrenched in the idea of America that to protest the government by going around the government has this evil feel to it. Anyways, more news about the protests on the link.